Mac & Cheese: A Love Story

Mac:  I remember – I first met her back in the 14th Century – we were in Italy, back before they discovered tomatoes.  She smelled so good; it felt like I was slathered in warmth and richness.  I’ve been in love ever since.

Cheese: Oh that was centuries ago! I cannot believe he still tells that story: do you like this color on me?  It’s extra sharp; Mac loves it when I’m extra sharp.

Mac and Cheese have been a love story for the ages – a sign of eternal commitment –even through the occasional combination with asparagus or ham. They’ve remained loyal to each other throughout it all. They are the epitome of the ultimate love affair spanning time and space. Below they share advice on having a great relationship.


Cheese: Mac and I have amassed an unparalleled global following and we understand the responsibility that comes with that. It isn’t hard to see why; we are masters of taste and texture that complement each other so well. It’s only natural to want to bring our happiness to everyone else. I like to bring glamour to my dishes; being one of the most charming, decadent and rich items on the market these days. Some people even say I make everything taste a little bit better.

We comfort people through times of distress. We are there for the bad breakups, lousy days or even just because it’s cold out. We know how to be luxurious too, well, at least I know – Mac is pretty consistent, but dress me with brie and figs and I can get fancy.


Mac: Cheese is really famous! She’s got so many different forms and styles in nearly every part of the world! She pairs well with most anything and always tries her best to add flavor wherever she goes. We make the best pair because she says I add so much substance to her life. It’s the type of love our fans notice. She’s the yin to my yang, the peanut butter to my jelly and of course, the cheese to my mac.

Together we’re unstoppable – she’s got the flavor and I’ve got the form. 



Mac: Yep, we’re pretty international! As our message of warmth and love spread throughout the world we’ve become a staple in many countries. We definitely love to travel and not like ordinary tourists, either. We are a highly adaptable and diverse pair. Cheese is more béchamel in Greece for instance and I lose my soft-shelled elbow-like ways when we travel to Asia. We don’t mind mixing in with Belgium beer or Italian breadcrumbs every now and then either – we embrace an attitude of openness to new and exciting combinations, which allows each culture and home to make us their own.


Many of our fans have been with us since childhood and we’ve watched them grow up to be so sophisticated and worldly. They feed us to their kids with love; passing on family recipes. It warms our hearts to be invited to dinner. Of course, we show up as delicious as possible because we love repeat invites. We are eternally grateful for the privilege of being invited into people’s lives from childhood to adulthood, and to celebrate we are throwing a huge party.

Now it’s our turn to invite you to join us at the cheesiest celebration ever! Bring your friends – pair us with wine and beer and enjoy a culinary adventure with us as your hosts. We will show you what LOVE tastes like.

Indulge in this decadent carb-loading day guilt free: a portion of all proceeds benefits Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana.